Weekly Prayer Project-Week 24: When People Pray

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Okay, this one is gonna stretch the both of us. Read More

Weekly Prayer Project- Week 20: God Answers

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This is a tough one. My interpretation wasn’t intended but I went with it anyway. If you don’t like honesty don’t click “read more,” I’ll see you tomorrow. If you do click “read more,” enter at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Read More

Weekly Prayer Project-Week 17: Turn to Joy

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What a post I have for you guys! The previous post was about running to God and this one is about turning to joy. Often times, we will run to God and think “Ok, that’s it! I’ve done my part.” but it’s never that simple.  Read More

Weekly Prayer Project-Week 16: Run to God

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This post is from last week. I was preparing for my lesson and had a funeral to go to and couldn’t find time to post it.

I am disgusted with my life. Let me complain freely. My bitter soul must complain. I will say to God, “Don’t simply condemn me-tell me the charge you are bringing against me.” -Job 10: 1-2

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