Where Did the Time Go??

Hi, I’ve missed you. I see a lot has changed here, on WordPress and I’m sure many of you have as well. How could you not? We’ve gone through so much in the last couple of years.

I’m a little nervous about returning. I don’t want to start and stop and honestly, I don’t know if I have anything to give. I’ve also considered a rebrand or shutting it down and I even considered a podcast but this is my baby; so here I am.

And so, yeah, we’re jumping back into this…but the last thing I want to do is act like this isn’t a huge decision and that I didn’t take serious inventory about if I should return. I know so much is working to get your attention and to post my content, is just another thing asking you to spend valuable time. If you decide to, I appreciate it and I’ll do my best to make sure it’s quality is worthy of your attention.

With that being said, I feel somewhat “new” to social media. I don’t really post anywhere anymore, I don’t have Tik Tok, and I don’t know the innerworkings or the newest technology but I will do my best.

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