Working It Out

Hey Peculiars

So how’s everything going? I’m doing well. I just wanted to update you all on what’s going on with this wellness journey. I’ve been at in for a couple days now and like I mentioned in my previous blog, I gained some really bad habits before starting this journey.

One of those bad habits was snacking before bed. It got to the point that I needed something to eat before I could go to sleep. In order to break it I think I’m either going to have to find a way to ignore my stomach rumbling or drink water. I’ve also come to the conclusion that everyone else that I’m doing this with is half my size so I may have to modify things and figure out a way to not feel bad about it.

What’s been consistent is Apple Cider Vinegar and water, breakfast, lunch, dinner between 8 am-8 pm with workouts everyday and at least 64 ounces of water; check ins are throughout the day on the app Marco Polo. Surprisingly, I haven’t been starving. I must admit I feel a bit ashamed I allowed myself to get to a place where I have to completely start over with my endurance, to do moves now that are strenuous that would’ve been a breeze then is disheartening but I have to start somewhere. This place is just as good as any and if I put it off again then I’ll be starting further behind.

Are any of you on a fitness journey? How has it been going? What are your key takeaways/lessons learned? Any good recipes?

I just went grocery shopping last night for this new lifestyle and I was shocked how naturally I put things that no longer served me in my basket. I literally had to edit my basket on an empty aisle and put things back. I did allow myself to 1 cheat meal and a “break in case of emergency” snack. On this plan we aren’t doing snacking which has been a huge part of my previous lifestyle.

The irony of all this was when I came home I had a package from one of my favorite clothing stores, Eloquii which had 3 dresses with my “new” size. Since I gained all this weight, I wasn’t sure what size I wore because I’ve been wearing only sweatpants. Normally, I wouldn’t buy clothes for a larger size when I’m trying to fit into the millions of items I already have but I heard someone say you should dress for your size so I tried to, hoping that I chose the right new size. Needless to say, I didn’t like they way it looked, not that I chose the wrong size but my shape in it looked awkward. It wasn’t the way I was use to my clothes laying, a bit more protruding here and there seemingly changed my whole shape. I could try shapeware but it rolls on my thighs and if I get a larger size, it doesn’t give the compression I need. So to look good in even this larger size, I need to make these changes.

Well, I’ve talked your head off enough this Sunday morning. I’m going to figure out my breakfast and start on my workout before church. After church, I’ll probably straighten up a bit around the house, continue with my workout and chill.

Love you

Beebz ❤

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