Hebraic Roots

Hey You Guuuyyyyssss!

I thought the picture above was sooo prolific. “When will you return?”

Some of you may know that I use to teach the Hebrew Alphabet at my church on the monthly basis during these meetings called Rosh Chodesh, which means ‘Head of the Month.’ These meetings are basically a run down of what to expect in the upcoming month.

Unlike the Gregorian calendar that we follow (by in large), the Hebraic calendar is cyclical, the idea is that you are advancing (up a mountain, if you will) and not just falling off into a new year. The Hebraic calendar includes a gemstone, body part, tribe, theme, the alphabet, the constellation, and a scripture, etc. specific to that month. At some point, I was told that God was moving the meetings in another direction which I completely was in agreement with and stopped teaching it for awhile; however, I was recently asked to revive my lesson during the meetings.

I was really nervous about doing this because I taught on the full calendar and if I was coming back I wanted to bring something different. Typically, I wrote a lesson and discussed it but this time I was challenged to bring a visual element. So I began doing PowerPoint presentations. I’ve always wanted to share my lessons on my platform and now I will. Unfortunately, I didn’t return in Nissan so I won’t have a full year but I will upload all of my presentations from here on out. The goal is to eventually have a full year so that I can build upon that foundation. I’m not sure if I will make it subscription based or not, but I just wanted you guys to have access to the information if you are interested in it. If I do make it subscription based, I promised it won’t be outlandish.

I know you probably thought I wasn’t coming back but y’all are stuck with me

Love you guys and I hope you’re enjoying your day,

Beebz ❤

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