Weekly Rundown: January 15-19, 2018

Hey FamScreenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

I am so excited to talk to you guys today.

How are you? Well, I hope. I’m sending all of you good vibes and love. So by the title of this post, I’m sure you’re wondering why all the sudden I’m committing to a weekly review? The best reasoning I can give is because this is the best way I can think of tracking my progress of wanting to get better everyday. It builds accountability directly into a process (posting) that I currently do on the frequent basis and helps me to stay grounded. I’ve found that a lot of my frustration in lack of participation has come from looking at my WordPress stats, beating myself up or not feeling worthy to even be on the platform which has caused me to loose focus on my goals and sometimes my joy.


Weekly tracking will help me keep on top of my goals and give positive reinforcement of what I’ve done right and also honest insight of what I can improve upon without relying on you for insight. Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer you guys to give me insight so that’s not a jab. You have to understand how depressing it is to put so much of yourself into posts day after day, creating good content, not just throwing crap up to be “consistent” but really putting your authentic self out there on the internet just to feel like the impact isn’t being felt.

This way it takes the pressure off of you and me all while still challenging myself. I could do this offline but I’m hoping the accountability of having to post will motivate me to do it because I probably wouldn’t if there wasn’t that aspect.

If you want to learn more about conducting weekly assessments and it’s benefits, check out Mark Koester’s post of Minding the Boardlerlands, here. His article takes my idea of these checkpoints and turn it up several notches…really useful information.

This Week’s Assessment: January 15th to January 19th

This week we spoke on sooo many topics; I post my 5 days of outfits in 1 post which was a new style of #OOTD for me, how to become light and was even reassured that nothing is impossible. I’m so grateful because I see that we covered aspects of improvement in our physical (with the clothes), emotional (with becoming the light) and spiritual (with understanding that nothing is impossible with God). We’ve done great work this week and I’m really proud of the work that was completed.

Next Week’s Goals:

Next week, and going forward, if I’m able to post 5 days a week that would be #goals. Ideally, everyday I would cover a different topic (Intellect, Profession, Physicality, Spirituality and Emotions) but that seems pretty ambitious.

Either way, I love the idea of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and also doing a weekly review to measure how well I’ve been sticking to my goals which is sooo opposite of last year. If you don’t remember, last year I had resolutions and only achieved one which was completing the 52 week Money Challenge. This year I chose to cut the resolutions and create goals and broke those goals down into doable smaller ones. I’m still ironing out how it would work so let me know if you have any ideas in the comments section.

You may think resolutions and goals are the same but resolutions has a connotation that there is failure associated if it isn’t completed within a year while goals have a little more flexibility as there are short term and long term available.


Beebz ❤

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