Challenge-Are You Willing to Hold Me Accountable? Here’s the Rules #CWM

Y’all Screenshot_20170813-092414.jpg

I have an idea. As you guys know, my goal is to get better in every area, from expanding our vocabulary to looking better with fashion, exercise, and food to dealing with finances all the way down to feeling better with self love and everything in between. So I thought of a new series I’d like to try.  It sparked from a post a friend made on Facebook screenshot_20171130-111603166777696.jpgwhich spoke to my mission to become better but it also made me remember great habits that I had that somehow fell off. I’m not necessarily doing this for a man but preparation never hurt nobody. When he find me I’m gonna be poppin, though, IJS.

Anyway,  when I was in middle school, friends would call me Alice…from the Brady Bunch, she was their maid. They called me Alice because my then stepfather was really strict and made us clean the whole house from top to bottom everyday. Unfortunately, my step sister, at that time, wasn’t as interested in chores as she was boys so I had to cover for her and pretty much became a master cleaner. I legit washed dishes by hand, dusted, vacuumed and hand washed the floor everydayImage result for alice from the brady bunch gif along with many other chores. Did I forget to say EVERYDAY and Saturday was deep cleaning. There were no cartoons until it was done. As I got older, I got burned out and to be honest, I’ve slacked on those disciplines which isn’t the best thing for a single woman to admit but it’s all about transparency around here. So like I said before, I’d love to get into these habits again.

As a woman trying to find something to wear easily turns a clean room into a tornado and it can become a constant headache if every afternoon consists of you picking up the remnants of that morning’s tornado. How do you ever get to clean or do anything else? That’s where I am. I am stuck doing the same thing over and over while the other parts of my house suffers and even other activities fall by the wayside.

My idea is simple, if you guys like the idea, I will go through each room. I will take a picture of the room as is (excuse me in advance for the messiness) no edits and I will create a post in which I will detail my goals, the location of the room, deadlines, plan of action, etc. This will be the initial post. Once I hit the deadline set in the initial post, I will take a picture of the progress I made and a post has to be made within 24 hours of the deadline. In the deadline post, I will announce the outcome: If I meet the deadline, you can come up an idea by listing it in the comments section of that post. However, if I don’t meet the deadline, I will have to come up with a new plan of action, a new deadline and  you guys can come up with a consequence as well. The new action plan and deadline process will start all over again at that point. However, if the deadline was met, I progress to another room.

Obviously, the only way this will work is if you guys participate. Well, it will be more fun that way but if you don’t, I suppose I can get someone else to do the rewards and consequences. The reward and consequence shouldn’t be too out there but if it is, I will retain the power to veto, but if it’s reasonable, I’m in. If possible, try to keep it simple. You will have to list either the reward or consequence idea on the deadline post and whichever has the most hearts or the most similar suggestions in the 24 hours after I posted the deadline post, that idea will be the one I will choose. I’ll show proof of the reward or consequence in a follow up post before I move on to the next room or redo the current one if I didn’t meet the deadline. In total there will be 3 post per room (the initial post, deadline post, follow up post) unless I have to start the process for the room over again which will be noted as a second attempt. At the end of it all, the whole house should be cleaned and you guys would have held me accountable. If you guys are down, I will call the series Clean With Me.

What do you think? Would you be willing to participate? Would you call it something else or do you have any other suggestions? Should I start with the messiest room first?

I’m really excited for this, maybe this can be the birth of a lot of different challenges so that we can hit these goals. Plus, it will keep me accountable, keep you engaged and you get to know a little more about me in the process. Comment at the bottom of this post, if you are down.

 Beebz ❤

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